5 August Pictures


Natalie (ground), Keven, Keatris, Damon, and Jesse


Damon with thoughts of not standing up anymore

Damon and his 'no mas, por favor' face


David going 100%

Jesse and Damon repping out the situps

Greatest. Picture. Ever.

Jesse in a serenity squat

Jesse and Damon, post-wod

Kevin gettin' down

Andy waiting for his arms to do more pushups

Natalie working a situp

Andy at the proper depth

Kevin thinking about the next rep

Andy, bottom of situp

Andy, top of situp

Heather starting a thruster

Heather will hate the photo taker for this one, but he thinks it looks cool

We made some deep divots with the 53lb'er

5 August whiteboard

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  1. cpth1969 says:

    What a kick ass WOD! Holy crap, I was waxed!

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