27 August Pictures

Damon getting ready...

Andy, Damon, and Melissa on the pullup. David is on the ground with Mr. Burpee

Damon, Dave, and Melissa

G.I. Melissa on a pullup

Damon making it count

David with a great burpee

Andy up in the rafters

Melissa and David, almost finished with the wod. Dave is flashing some sort of gang sign.

Damon in a deadhang

Melissa and the 'stepping stones'

Andy and his tiptoe distance to the bar. Note the admiration of the pole towards Andy's leg... it was in the way every rep.

"I love this bench!"

Damon's senior portrait?

Kevin moments away from grabbing the bar

Kevin with a nice finish to a rep

Damon's tiptoe distance to the bar

Kevin's distance to the bar

27 August whiteboard

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