24 August Pictures

David and Damon doin' work on the pullup bar

David vs. ring pushups

David vs. ring dips

Kevin and Lavar

Kevin flying through his pullups

Lavar after getting his CrossFit cherry popped

Kevin vs. ring pushups

Kevin at the PROPER DEPTH for ring dips

"Need a boosty?"

Damon with room to spare

David sticks the landing

Andy sticks the landing

Melissa vs. ring pushups

A frequenter of Da Vince Gym

Melissa vs. ring dips, with a little help

"I love these rings!"

Lili and Brenda double-dippin'

The evening crew vs. pushups

Dawonne is back!

Dawonne said he really had missed the pullups. NOT

24 August whiteboard

Dawonne reflecting on the wod

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