Thursday 24 November – Rest Day



Happy Thanksgiving!! At CFCC, we’re thankful for these GAINS

As you can see, the site is back!! After over two months in hiatus, we have the site again. 

Where did it go?
After the original site was made through, the url was This was too wordy, so I bought the domain through wordpress, which used a 3rd party domain site to get it’s urls from. All renewals for the domain were done through wordpress, and I never had his own user account on the 3rd party domain site (I think it is I even contacted them a few times to try and get one but it never worked out. I think I had bought a 3 year deal on the domain before I decided to transfer the entire site (all the files and pages) over to as the host. Since I never had an account on, I was never able to get a domain transfer authorization code from them to move it to bluehost. Eventually, the domain expired (two months ago). The good news was that I knew I still had the entire site on still, the bad news was I no longer owned and there was a placeholder page where our site used to be. I tried buying the domain a bunch of times through bluehost and godaddy, however it wasn’t available. 
Then yesterday evening, I get a notification email from godaddy saying that a domain I had searched for in the past was now available:!! Immediately, I hopped on bluehost and purchased the domain for a scant $11.99. Once the payment went through, I started looking at the user interface panel, very lost and unsure of how to rebuild the site. Then I thought, “well the domain pointed here before I lost it, I bet it still points here now”. Put into the address bar, and BOOM! There it was… just as though nothing had ever happened.

I’m counting that as a big win! We’ll be posting workouts regularly again!!

..and don’t worry, the registration is on auto-renewal now. The site won’t be down ever again (unless something happens to bluehost!).


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