Friday 22 July WOD


400m Farmer’s Carry @ 190lbs (2x barbells, 95lbs each)
*only one person can carry the bars at a time
*can carry the bars as far as you can go
*every time the bars are dropped, the non-carrying people perform 10 total front squats
*once they drop, someone else takes over the carry AFTER the two who did not make the last carry perform the 10 total front squats
*do not scale the weight unless all three people in the group are unable to pick up the bars

Post your team time to the comments.

Person A picks up both bars and carry’s them as far as they can. Once they drop, persons B and C perform 10 total front squats. The team rotates who is on carry duty; you must wait until the other two team members make a carry before you can carry again.

It’s going to be hot again, Andy will be walking alongside with the cooler-cart (secure your creds in the cart).


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