Friday 31 October WOD

pumpkin 2              HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!             pumpkin 2


400m Run with “Pumpkin”
50 Overhead Lungewalks with “Pumpkin”
40 “Pumpkin” Situps
30 “Pumpkin” Clean and Press
20 Elevated “Pumpkin” Pushups
10 Block “Pumpkin” Toss with 3 Burpees*
400m Run with “Pumpkin”

*You will throw your pumpkin as far as you can, run to it and perform 3 burpees. Complete this pattern for 10 sidewalk blocks. Then, turnaround and repeat back to the start.

Your “pumpkin” will be a medicine ball (one of the ones we use for wall balls) 20/14lbs.

Following the workout, we will have the CFCC Pumpkin Games hosted by Andy :)

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