Wednesday 30 May WOD

Let’s try this again!  Due to the rain in Tampa, we are going to try to do yesterday’s workout again…


In teams of two, complete the following:

400m Medicine Ball Carry
100 Medicine Ball Shoulder Presses
100 Medicine Ball Goblet Squats
100 Medicine Ball Pushups
100 Medicine Ball Partner Situps
100 Wall Balls
400m Medicine Ball Carry

Post your time to the comments.

– Each team member must carry the medicine ball for part of the run
– One team member works at a time er exercise (for the run, you will run together)
– Team can split up they reps as they see fit
– Teams of 3 can add 50 reps per exercise. Team of one can do 50 reps of each total.

If you already did the above workout, pick a Girl or Hero WOD today!!

Pictures from yesterday will be posted later – I need to access a specific computer to download pics at work and I didn’t get back there yesterday!

* * *

Pushups = 52

* * *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Run 10K

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