Saturday 20 August – Rest Day


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100 Day Burpee Challenge!!

Starting 29 August, CFCC will be doing a 100 day burpee challenge.

1. On day 1, you will do 1 burpee. On day 2, you do 2 burpees, day 3, 3 burpees… You will increase the number of burpees everyday until you reach 06 December when you will complete 100 burpees.
2. You do not have to perform all of the burpees at one time. You can break them up and do them throughout the day in sets. You can do them anywhere and at anytime. So that means on my cruise in October, I will need to find a time and a place to do my daily burpees. So, if you are out of town or it is a weekend, you will need to find the time to do them if you want to stay in the challenge.
3. You cannot miss a day of burpees. If you miss one day, you can make them up the next day (so, if you miss day 46, on day 47 you will need to make up the 46 burpees that you missed, then do 47 burpees for a total of 93 that day). If you miss 2 days in a row, you are out of the challenge. You cannot skip day 46 and 47 and make both days up on day 48. The point of this challenge is to do burpees everyday, not only on days when you feel like it.
4. If you don’t start the challenge on day 1, you can buy-in to the challenge by performing ALL of the missed days’ burpees on your first day (if you join on Day 5, you will need to perform 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 burpees – easier at the start of the challenge than later on!)
5. Any burpees you complete as part of your regular workout can count towards that day’s Challenge burpees (if you want them to)
6. This is an honor system – there is no point in abusing the challenge by lying. I will be keeping track of my burpees and can keep track of yours if you want some accountability to someone – just send me an email or post when completed each day to the CFCC website. I will list the names of all that are participating on the whiteboard in the gym in case you want some support/someone to track your burpee progress with.

Over the course of 100 days, you will complete 5050 burpees.

If you would like to participate, let Melissa know by email or by signing up in the gym. We will post the day of the burpee challenge on the whiteboard in the Vince gym and on the website. I am working on a prize for all that complete this challenge so please let me know if you will be participating!!

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Three rounds for time of:
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

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4 Responses to Saturday 20 August – Rest Day

  1. Andy says:

    I’ll do the 100 burpee challenge, looks like a whole lot of us are :)

    Todays workout sucked… but that is what happens when you eat sparsely on friday and then try to workout at 2pm saturday with no food. i didn’t even get halfway in before i called it quittin time. no energy for the pull, and certainly none to come out of a clean. pretty bad

    • Melissa says:

      We have a lot of people that will be starting the burpee challenge. I hope just as many complete it :)

      Sorry about the workout – time to get some food!!

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