Friday 25 March WOD


Kettlebell swings @ 53/35lbs
400m row

Post your time to the comments.

Ok folks, another benchmark! Check out the benchmark page (link is in the top menu), find this wod, and pick a time you’d like to beat! It’s a tough one on the grip and legs, but don’t let that slow you down. Feel free to move the erg close to the pullup bar to save on transition/excuse time. In case you’re unsure, you do 21 swings, 21 pullups, then a 400m row. 15, 15, 400m, and then 9, 9, 400m, so the wod ends on the row. WARNING: It’s a gasser!!!!

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Forward folks took some pictures, here’s a little video clip of Ryan celebrating burpees after his 100 :)

24 March whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
135 pound Overhead squat

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2 Responses to Friday 25 March WOD

  1. Melissa says:

    13:00, smurple on the pullups.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

  2. Andy says:

    soccer game today and it’s finally over. no more f’ed up feet knees and legs!!! YAYYYY!!!

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