Friday 18 March WOD



Row 2K


Run 1 mile
200 squats
200 pushups
200 situps
Run 1 mile

These are the same options as we had Monday.  Pick the other one today!

Post your time to the comments.

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Follow the leader...

17 March whiteboard

Updated whiteboard will be posted tomorrow with afternoon times.

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

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Check out the event this weekend at CrossFit Tampa! Info is from the event facebook page

WHEN: Saturday, March 19 · 9:00am – 1:30pm


The Next Level / CrossFit Tampa

12720 Dupont Circle
Tampa, FL

“Okay kids time for our Workout/Cookout St. Patty’s style. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to bring a guest. Get ready for a beating only CrossFit can give you and an awesome time with some great people. Please bring a small dish if you wish…(looking for killer PALEO recipes). We look forward to seeing out here!”

TNL Cookout poster

For more info, contact

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CrossFit HQ WOD:


Four rounds for time of:
10 L-pull-ups
15 Push-ups
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
15 Push-ups
20 Pull-ups
15 Push-ups

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4 Responses to Friday 18 March WOD

  1. Frogger says:

    Recent workouts this week… Lotsa fun~!

    Sometimes gangsters just gotta bang hammers

    Stretch on your own
    10x strict pull up
    20x HSPU
    30x OHS
    40x jump lunge
    500m row (2min)
    60x KB swing 53#
    70x DL at 95
    80x arm hauler
    90x situp
    100x pushup
    90x flutterkick
    80x Hammerswings (sub ball slams)
    70x push press at 65-75#
    60x MTN climber (if you do Hammerswings, sub ball slams)
    500m row (2 min)
    40x KB snatches 25-35
    30x box jump
    20x plyo pushup
    10x KB get ups 53

    Today, we did
    TO: 1RM on Front Squat… I PRd to 185…
    10 reps, down to 1 rep of Weight Vest Thrusters and Weight Vest Pull ups
    Cool Down (haha): 5 rds w/ 80lb Sand bag
    3 back squats, 50M dash, 3 back squats, 50M dash
    2x Sandbag get ups.

    Also, recently PRd deadlift to 325. Would like to hit 350 before I leave here in a couple of weeks (2.5 times body weight).

    Miss you guys!


  2. Frogger says:

    Yeah, that WOD was fun… took us an hour and 17 minutes to complete. We’ve been doing a SEAL workout called the 4 Horsemen. It combines CF, Gym Jones, and some others with a focus on strength training. I’ve PRd just about all my lifts by about 20% or more improvement! Most significant gains have been on the squat lifts and cleans. I’m also excited about the 80lb sandbag get-ups!

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