Wednesday 9 March WOD


1 minute box jumps 24/18″
1 minute wall ball shots 20/15lbs
1 minute double unders/burpees (if you can’t do double unders, you get to do burpees!!)
1 minute med ball cleans 20/15lbs
1 minute burpees
1 minute KB good mornings 53/35lbs
1 minute rest

Post your total reps to the comments.

Another outside day! We will most likely do this on the sidewalk back near the gym door so we have a good spot for wall balls.

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The 2011 CrossFit Games Open website is up and open to the public, register if you would like to compete! All the details are on the site.


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Kettlebell swings

08 March whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
185 pound Bench press, 3 reps
225 pound Back squat, 5 reps

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4 Responses to Wednesday 9 March WOD

  1. Andy says:

    Today is outside our logistical abilities to put together (limited equipment and rules in the gym) so we did the bear complex instead. First time for all of us:

    5 rounds
    1 round = 7 reps
    1 rep = power clean, then front squat, then push press, then back squat, then push press, then touch and go into the next rep.
    unlimited time, increase the weight each round. everytime you let go of the bar, count 1 penalty (5 burpees).

    Rob: 55lb – 65 – 75 – 85 – 95
    1 penalty (missed squat)

    Glenn: 55lb – 65 – 75 – 85 – 95
    1 penalty (missed lockouts on pushpress)

    Andy: 95lb – 115 – 125 – 135 – 145(2 drops)
    3 penalties (1 short press, 2 drops on rep 6 & 7 of 145lb)

    Ryan: 55lb – 65 – 75 – 85 – 90
    no penalties

    we have lots of pictures and video :) my upper back looks like i was whipped

  2. Melissa says:

    301 reps

    8 people at lunch today – great group!

  3. mcgranahand says:

    Dan, Rey, and Paul… Did this… All I gotta say is PAIN, PAIN, and more PAIN…

    Rey, 322
    Paul, 2something… going to have to reconfirm
    Dan, 344 painfull reps. Almost didn’t make it on a box jump one time. Nobody was counting my first set(partly my fault). so I think I might have gotten shorted a lil bit.
    Had the MED ball go over my head, caught it, but the weight caused me to fall down.. I’m sure Rey was wishing he had his camera… Was definitely a smoker.

    • Melissa says:

      nice job!! camera would have been great….

      See today’s post on Tough Mudder – you guys in? Andy and I have already signed up :)

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