Tuesday 11 January WOD


400m row
10 Kettlebell front squats per arm @ 70/53lbs
5 Handstand pushups

Post your time to the comments

To do a KB front squat, you will clean the KB up to the rack position and hold it there. From there you will execute a regular squat. Here is a KB clean. The last picture is how you will hold the KB for this exercise. It may help to hold you free hand out to the side for stabilization.

KB Clean

If you cannot do a handstand pushup, we want to try them with the bands.  If no bands or limited space, use a box as a last resort!  For those not at Da Vince Gym to see my in person demo, here is a video on using the bands for the hspu.

Melissa will be at the gym during lunch and will stop by in the afternoon to show the afternoon group how to use the bands.

For those at Da Vince Gym, the women’s restrooms/showers will be unavailable starting at 1400 for approx 2 hours.

* * *

Not a lot of pictures from today as I have the camera and missed both the lunch and afternoon workouts.  So, there are only pics today of Lili and I as we played with the camera during our workouts.  So here are a few.  Also, this is the whiteboard as of 1500.  I will take a pic with everyone’s times and post that tomorrow.



10 January whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

* * *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Three rounds for time of:
6 Muscle-ups
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
12 Handstand push-ups
135 pound Power clean, 15 reps

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13 Responses to Tuesday 11 January WOD

  1. Andy says:

    Hard wod.

    Lowell – 18:01, 53lb, inclined pushups

    Rob – 21:03, 50lbs, 2x50lb KB press for the hspu’s, 3 rounds

    Andy – 20:07, 70lbs, partner spotted hspu

    excuses list: I couldn’t hold that damn kettlebell up after the first round, kept rolling and slipping off so I had to semi support it with my other hand. Those REALLY made my low back tired. The hspu’s were against the wall with rob and lowell giving me a little help on the way up.
    and WOW that last row was super tough… I had nothing left. must be this lack of food because of damn work. must get to fixing that asap!

  2. Jesse says:

    Holy hell I felt so sick. 24m04s, 53lb KB, Band HSPU. As always the squats were the death of me.

  3. Melissa says:

    16:57, 35lb KB, blue band HSPU

    Great group today at lunch!!!

  4. sarahm23 says:

    You know how in the vampire movies, when a vampire sees the sun or is staked and they turn to dust and blow away? Im pretty sure that is what will happen to my legs when I try to walk later.
    Sorry, its the only way I know how to describe the feeling!

  5. Rebekah says:

    16m21s, 35lb KB, Green band HSPU

    Whew!! I think that one taxed my lungs more than anything… weird.

  6. Rey says:

    13:30 for me.

  7. mcgranahand says:

    I came in at 13:14 or 13:15 what ever it was… It sure sucked because of that damn rower!!! Oh lol almost did a nes-tea plunge with a 70b kettlebell. Sure that would have ended my day awesomely!!!! Rey just laughed at me through the hard breathing sounded like he was hyperventilating!!!lol

  8. mcgranahand says:

    Why u gotta bring up old shit Rey!!!!!

  9. mcgranahand says:

    Melissa u can come up and be mine and Reys camera woman…

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