Saturday 9 October – Rest Day


Good stuff yesterday, skill work is always good. We would do it more if there was time, but time is one of our biggest limiters as far as wods go. It’s because of this that longer, high volume wods rarely make it into our box and when they do it usually involves 4 or more people going at once. This means it has to either be outside, closely and carefully timed and staggered (sometimes), not limited by the sharing of equipment, and most of all not toooo long (like over an hour). With that said, Monday’s wod will be somewhat similar to yesterdays in that it will be timed and not timed, i.e. the work will be timed, but the rest period will not be. So will it be harder and a ‘better’ workout to severely limit your rest time and not be able to go all out on each round, or will it be harder by getting a good recovery so you can go 100% again (spoiler)? We shall see…

Also, you better f’ing post something Kevin, and you too Natalie!!!!!

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Jesse on the way down

Damon with the right idea

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Handstand walk 100 meters

If you fall, restart at the point of contact furthest from the finish.

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