Friday 1 October WOD


30 Double unders
20 Jumping squats
10 Parallette pushups

Post your time to the comments.

Everyone does double unders today, unless you don’t know what they are! If that is the case, 100 single unders is the sub. For the jumping squats, lay a piece of PVC or something similar (broomstick) across your back in a back squat type of position, squat down, then jump and land back into the down position. Each time you land in the squat, that is one rep.

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October time! That means there’s a new monthly challenge! See here for details:

Here’s a hint…

weighted vest!

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Nice work on the indoor Helen! …couple pictures from yesterday:


Jim and his first day

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Snatch, 1 rep
Clean and jerk, 1 rep
As many rounds and reps as possible in ten minutes of:
55kg Squat clean, 6 reps
12 Pull-ups
24 Double-unders

Add together the best snatch (in kg), the best clean and jerk (in kg), and the total reps performed in the triplet for your final score. Post score to comments.

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4 Responses to Friday 1 October WOD

  1. Andy says:

    13:20 with 20lb vest.

    omfg hard with that stupid vest

  2. Rey says:

    Nice!!! Wish I could do double unders. Time for a new jump rope.

  3. Andy says:

    Forgot to mention, but I managed a strict muscle up with the vest on before the workout. that was super difficult as well…. i’m starting to like the vest, it’s like learning to do bodyweight exercises all over again

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