Friday 20 August WOD


500 Double Unders


10 Rounds
150 Single Unders
150m Row Sprint

Post your time and wod to the comments.

Don’t worry, either one you choose will be hard but if you are still not sure if you can perform double unders, do the 10 rounder. If there was one skill that I could choose that everyone would be able to magically do, it would be double unders! The minimum intensity for DU’s is high and very taxing. It can’t really be conveyed with words, but the feeling most of you guys had in your arms and shoulders after we did the shoot-thru wod on the paralettes is similar but not quite the same because DU’s steal your wind. PLEASE work on double unders in your spare time!

*  *  *

WOW yesterday was no joke out under that sun. Nice job to everyone who pushed through the pain!! Let me say this about the Garage Gym wallballs: I do not like them. They are lopsided and completely unpredictable. Dynamax makes a far superior medicine ball! Also, if anyone happens to find out where the 4th 20lb ball disappeared to, please send an email to the admin!!

Kevin takin' a shot

Andy vs gravity

19 August whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page. Lots from yesterday… the new lens is becoming my favorite…

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7 Rounds
100 Single Unders
100m Row Sprint


10 Rounds
100 Single Unders
1 Minute rest

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Three rounds for time of:
5 Rope climbs @ 15ft
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

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4 Responses to Friday 20 August WOD

  1. Kevin says:

    Yay! An action shot of me instead of me laying on my ass post-wod…

    I agree the medicine balls suck… I just didn’t want to whine during the WOD… I sure am glad this is Friday… my legs can’t take much more of this cr@p!!!

  2. Andy says:

    500 double-unders, 10:00

    back of shoulder and all of arms were being stabbed by invisible swords. Either that, or giant meat tenderizers were pulverizing them…

    • Andy says:

      10 rounds
      150 single unders
      150m row sprint


      man. I was pretty tired, then 15 minutes later I tried to do 10 of the 37″ box jump in 30 seconds. did it in 31 seconds, but that was it… i felt so sick after that. wow…

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