Wednesday 11 August WOD

FRAN @ the MacDill AFB Gym, 1110hrs

Thrusters @ 95/65lb

Compare to 31 March, post your time to the comments

This workout is a CrossFit classic, and another benchmark. Male weight for thrusters is 95lbs, and female weight is 65lbs. A thruster is a front squat into a push press. The first rep is from the ground, all the rest can be from the rack position. All the way down in the front squat, and then all the way up and overhead in the push press with both movements seamless and fluid makes one rep. It’s one of the more taxing movements in CrossFit, and will have you wishing for burpees!

Pullups require your chin to go over the plane of the bar. We will be bringing the assistance rubberbands and chalk with us.

A thruster. Don't worry, we won't be using that much weight!

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Keatris doing situps.. nice shirt :)

"I love this kettlebell!"

10 August whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page

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Thrusters @ 65/45lb


Thrusters @ 45lb

Da Vince Gym WOD:

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull @ 70/53lb

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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7 Responses to Wednesday 11 August WOD

  1. patch1973 says:

    I had a time of 9m 32s for the WOD on 10 AUG. I forgot to do the 40 and 50 segments. So, I just did the whole WOD again when I got home. It felt a lot better doing it the second time around, and I my time was 16m 48s.

  2. cpth1969 says:

    8:15 @ 75 lbs today. Tried the 95 lbs and that was a no-go…

  3. Andy says:

    6:26 with 95lb today. not the time i was shooting for but still twice as good as the first time i did it :)

  4. Rey says:

    I did this WOD yesterday with a time of 12:41. That was my first time.

    • Andy says:

      Nice job dude, my first time was 12:10. first time always blows… we had another first timer today who did it in 17:24. It’s one of those wods that demands respect every single time…

  5. Rey says:

    I wanted to make I was doing the thrusters properly and not drop the bar on my head. After the WOD though, I did 50 toes to bar and then swam 750m. My whole body is tired.

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