Friday 30 July WOD

Row 5k

Compare to 7 June

Set up the rower to your personal preferences and the PM4 (Performance Monitor) as a countdown for the meters. This will give your precise finish time.

To set up the rower:

  1. Take a seat on the rower
  2. Place the blue damper on the side of the round flywheel housing anywhere between 3 and 5. Learn about the damper here
  3. Place your feet on the footboards, underneath the straps
  4. Place the ball of your right foot directly centered on the angled part of the footboard
  5. Adjust the slider so the heel rest is on the back of your shoe with the ball of your foot still in the center of the angled part
  6. Make the other side identical

To set up the monitor:

  1. Turn on the monitor by pressing any button
  2. Choose ‘Select Workout’
  3. Choose ‘Single: Distance’
  4. Set the distance to 5000m
  5. Press the corresponding button for the checkmark

At this point, the rower is a loaded gun. WHEN YOU PULL THE HANDLE is when the time and distance will automatically start, so don’t touch the handle unless you are ready to go!

After the 5000m mark is finished, the monitor will display your time to the tenth of a second. I recommend writing this time on the board quickly so you don’t forget!


The domain is now the primary active URL! The secondary url of is still active, and redirects to the new domain. Now it’s easy(er) to remember!!!

Concept 2 Model A

Some background on the first rower, the C2 Model A, from Concept 2:

Manufacture Dates

No longer in production

Main Characteristics

Handle: Wood with black grips

Flywheel: Bicycle wheel with black flaps in the spokes

Footboards: Wood

Other: Speedometer vs electronic monitor

Serial Number Information

All Model A Rowing Ergometers manufactured after October 1, 1982 have a serial number located on the bottom edge of the chain guide mount board. On Nov. 4, 1985, we started using the date of production as the serial number. Between Oct. 1, 1982 and Nov. 4, 1985, we used a four digit numbering system. The first two numbers indicate the year in which the machine was made, and the rest of the serial number identifies the run number. Thus, a serial number of 83-12 identifies the Model A as the twelfth run of 1983. If your Model A was made before Oct. 1, 1982, it will not have a serial number.

*  *  *


Row 3k


3 rounds

Row 1k                                                                                                                                                 3 minute rest

28 July whiteboard (Jesse used a 53lb, not 35)

CrossFit, 29 July

See more shots from yesterday on the picture page

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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4 Responses to Friday 30 July WOD

  1. Andy says:

    hate to say it… had to DNF… legs and back ceased to work after only 2000m. I guess yesterday and wednesday took too much out!

  2. Rey says:

    I did it in 21:12 today. That was my first time rowing 5k. Then went and swam 300m (150m breast stroke and 150m freestyle).

  3. Larry says:

    The Old Man did the 5K in 25:25. I’m gonna go take a nap now!

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