2 September Pictures

Jesse warming up with some pvc overhead squats

Lenny on the dip

Damon and Joe in midair

Kevin aka Frogger

Brenda in a deep suspended dip

Jesse and Andy on the parallettes

David shootin thru

Kevin making a face

Damon trying a ring shoot thru

Jesse going deep

Damon ... lol...

Melissa going deep

Kim on the shoot thru

Damon with the common outcome of ring shoot thru's

Jesse and Andy vs the pullup bar

Damon ready to dip

Kim ready to dip

Andy waiting for his arms to work

Joe on the way forward

Damon with a pushup

Damon and Melissa

Andy upside down

Jesse on the dip


Melissa ready to shoot

Lili on the dip

Jesse in self-revival mode

Kevin on his pullups

Lili in the suspended down position :)

2 September whiteboard

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