UPDATE – 14 July 2017


Daily WODs will not be regularly posted, as they are now maintained in our Outlook calendars here at work. WODs may be posted in bulk here on the site at the end of the week, or they may not. This site is mostly used as a WOD database now, and in the future I would like to create an actual database of WODs from this site. We’ve made over 1000 posts, and a large majority of them are unique workouts. The goal would be to have drop-down menus with all the different movements, and if you select one movement the search will show workouts that have used that movement. Choose two movements, and you’ll see workouts that used both of those movements.
Beyond that realm, I would like to create a WOD generator that works in a similar way. A user would choose one or more muscle groups to work coupled with an aerobic pathway, and the site would generate a complete workout which could be tailored from there.

We are still going strong here at CrossFit CENTCOM, our core group is ~8 people and we continue to learn and improve daily, even after 7 years of “doing the same thing” which is more accurately described as 7 years of not doing the same thing. Our 1100 power-hour is for everyone, and at the same time it is not for everyone. The mid-day heat is intense. Less dedicated people don’t want to give up their lunch hour. Some have meetings to attend. The group that is out there everyday, rain or shine, is a very dedicated group and has made their personal fitness a permanent part of their lives. In the CF Level 1 course, they talk about the three levels of the wellness chart, where you are either getting worse, staying the same, or getting better. The people you see during our only workout of the day are not there to “maintain”, they are there to keep improving themselves and finding new limits.

Our equipment is now permanently outside, as it has been for the last 1.5 years. We now have a large 20ft shipping container with all our gear, and some space next to it. We call this area “The Yard”. On Wednesdays we still visit the CENTCOM PT Pavillion, where there are four pull-up bars and a roof. One day we’ll get our own rig with pull-up bars. For now, we’re still enamored with our first two squat racks which FINALLY allow us to work on strength specific movements i.e SQUATS!! Besides the shipping container, they are the best thing to happen to our outfit since our affiliation.

The future of CrossFit CENTCOM lies with the future of its members: the gym will not get worse or stay the same, it will continue to improve.


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Tuesday 23 May WOD


“Memorial Day Murph”

1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Today we will be at the MacDill AFB Gym at the original track by the pullup bars for the wod, the clock will start at 0530.


2017 Memorial Day Murph -Photo from Pinterest


Why we haven’t been posting workouts to the site:
Since we are somewhat of a closed group, and with Andy running out of daily ideas for workouts, we have moved back over to our original (pre-website) method of wod distribution and are using a simple distro list within our email client. In addition to that, we are using an Outlook calendar to project strength work and sometimes workouts as well. This way, we get a better poll on what is best for everyone.

The site will remain active, and the photos from tomorrow morning’s Murph event will be posted in the photos section in a couple days.

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Thursday 5 January WOD


We’ll attempt to use the pallet we found as a sled to drag it up and down the street. 
Both golf carts will be available to push 1v1 in races. 
Let’s see if those ‘deadmills’ did anything for you.


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Wednesday 4 January WOD


3 Rounds
21 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35lbs
12 Pullups
200m Run w/ kettlebell

Post your time to the comments.


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Tuesday 3 January WOD


3 Rounds

10 Lungewalk steps (per foot)
20 Pushups
30 Situps
40 Air Squats

Post your time to the comments.

Stretching class with Brooke at 1200 today!

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Thursday 22 December WOD


Practice your clean & jerk technique.


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Wednesday 21 December WOD


“12 Days of Christmas”

1 100m sprint
2 Thrusters (95/65)
3 Push Press (95/65)
4 Power Cleans (95/65)
5 Hand Release Pushups
6 Air Squats
7 KB Swings (53/35)
8 Med Ball Situps (20/14)
9 KB SDHP (53/35)
10 Double Unders
11 Burpees
12 OH Walking Lungewalk Steps (45/25)

Post your time to the comments.

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